Touchful life

What is behind the curtain?

“I felt that during the massage some sort of a curtain in me went up for a moment, and I took a glimpse inside, and it was all full of light, and I felt like… like a child at home. Safe.”

Love fully and die

lomi lomi

Beloved Human, are you ready? Are you ready to let go of everything that is standing between you and Love? Are you ready to release your stories and to find out who you would be without them? Are you ready to meet YOU who is waiting on the other side of Love, when tensions are gone, when fear is gone, when you are seen in truth?

What is special about you?

Ask yourself. Be brave. Be vulnerable. Be proud. Be confused. Be with it. Look deep.

What TOUCHED ME in January

I let the world touch me, move me, inspire me through various experiences. Here’s the list of my inspirations from January.

Intuition / Intuicja / Innsæi


It would be good if you learned lomi lomi nui  – I heard a voice in my head 5 years ago. It would be good.
Not – you have to.

Now or never

You can be free now or never. I heard this sentence from one of my teachers and I remind myself many times a day: now or never. Because now is all that is. I can be alive now or never. Because I only have this moment, and the quality of this moment is the quality …

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Body neutrality

I bought myself a crop top and yes, it has a lot to do with massage. I haven’t worn a crop top for 20 years. All because when I was a teenager I decided that I was TOO FAT to ever wear a crop top. I was like millions of teenagers – struggling with accepting …

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Don’t try to be appropriate, don’t try to be socially acceptable and worry about what others may think about what you are doing – just be. If you want to wear a mad hat whilst doing so, fine. Leave behind what has been because it no longer feels right to stay attached to it. The …

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