What is behind the curtain?

The other day, I massaged a Client. It was her first lomi lomi with me, though, like many of my Clients, she confessed that she had been thinking of coming for a session for a long time ūüôā

The session turned out to be deep and emotional. But what touched me the most is what she said after the massage, still with tears in her eyes:¬†“I felt that during the massage some sort of a curtain in me went up for a moment, and I took a glimpse inside, and it was all full of light, and I felt like… like a child at home. Safe.”

I found this image so beautiful and… compelling. Since then, I’ve been thinking about¬†layers upon layers of curtains that I have around me – that we all have.¬†And about all these moments when the curtains rise. Sometimes it is when I receive – or give! – lomi. But it is not just during massage when these powerful moments occur. It can be a heartfelt conversation with a friend. Or dancing at midnight at the beach, like I did the other day. Deep intimate time with a partner. Having a cup of cacao in the morning, when my phone is still turned off. Picking up bl√≥√įberg (Icelandic thyme) on a walk. Or guiding and supporting a group of people on a lomi lomi training.

What all these moments have in common for me is TOTALITY.¬†Total presence. Total trust. Completeness. Surrender. Receptivity. Rising up the curtain is not what I do, but rather what happens in non-doing. And what is behind the curtain feels… both¬†extremely vulnerable and invincible.¬†It feels like a relief, like remembering something very important that has been forgotten. Or like the safest, truest, most loving¬†home.

I am sharing these thoughts with you today to ask you: what is behind your curtains?¬†If all your layers of conditioning, protections, self-stories, beliefs, expectations went up – what would you see there?¬†When was the last moment like this for you? And finally: what helps your curtains rise? What makes you feel like home, like you, like everything-is-as-it-needs-to-be?¬†Because whatever it is –¬†do more of it in your life.¬†It matters.


With love,


PS. The photo I am sharing with you in this post is from one of the most powerful moments of totality EVER, the one that I mentioned above – midnight on the beach in Vestrahorn.

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