What is behind the curtain?

The other day, I massaged a Client. It was her first lomi lomi with me, though, like many of my Clients, she confessed that she had been thinking of coming for a session for a long time 🙂

The session turned out to be deep and emotional. But what touched me the most is what she said after the massage, still with tears in her eyes: “I felt that during the massage some sort of a curtain in me went up for a moment, and I took a glimpse inside, and it was all full of light, and I felt like… like a child at home. Safe.”

I found this image so beautiful and… compelling. Since then, I’ve been thinking about layers upon layers of curtains that I have around me – that we all have. And about all these moments when the curtains rise. Sometimes it is when I receive – or give! – lomi. But it is not just during massage when these powerful moments occur. It can be a heartfelt conversation with a friend. Or dancing at midnight at the beach, like I did the other day. Deep intimate time with a partner. Having a cup of cacao in the morning, when my phone is still turned off. Picking up blóðberg (Icelandic thyme) on a walk. Or guiding and supporting a group of people on a lomi lomi training.

What all these moments have in common for me is TOTALITY. Total presence. Total trust. Completeness. Surrender. Receptivity. Rising up the curtain is not what I do, but rather what happens in non-doing. And what is behind the curtain feels… both extremely vulnerable and invincible. It feels like a relief, like remembering something very important that has been forgotten. Or like the safest, truest, most loving home.

I am sharing these thoughts with you today to ask you: what is behind your curtains? If all your layers of conditioning, protections, self-stories, beliefs, expectations went up – what would you see there? When was the last moment like this for you? And finally: what helps your curtains rise? What makes you feel like home, like you, like everything-is-as-it-needs-to-be? Because whatever it is – do more of it in your life. It matters.


With love,


PS. The photo I am sharing with you in this post is from one of the most powerful moments of totality EVER, the one that I mentioned above – midnight on the beach in Vestrahorn.

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