14. Four ideas that changed my life | PODCAST

Aloha Dear Human!

I proudly deliver another episode of Touchful Podcast to you ūüôā

Some say, “The world is what you think it is”. In this episode I share with you a bit of MY world –¬†what I think it is and¬†what are four big things that I believe in – because they¬†shape every aspect of my life.¬†I hope they will be inspiring and thought-provoking!

I genuinely wonder how much of what I am talking about in the episode will resonate with you and, even more, I wonder what YOUR world is like! What are the things that you believe in, what shapes your reality. Remember that I am right here, on the other side of the screen, if you ever want to share your thoughts. 

Thank you for you and enjoy the episode!


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