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Hawaiian massage in Mosfellsbær, Iceland
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Choose massage best for you – traditional Hawaiian lomi lomi or  kua lua, Hawaiian back walking. Book a session for you or get a gift card for a friend. 

lomi lomi - Hawaiian massage

Session of traditional Hawaiian massage to release physical and emotional blockages. Massage techniques incorporate long rhythmic strokes, deep compression, stretches, joints rotations and more. Warm oil is used during the session. Massage is performed on the table and client is undressed to their comfort level.

2 hours / 18.000 ISK

kua lua - hawaiian back walking

New in my massage studio: kua lua, traditional Hawaiian barefoot back walking massage to deeply align the body, release pain, restore and relax. I use one or two feet to walk on client’s body. Therapeutic stretches and joint rotations are also applied. Session is performed on the floor and client is asked to wear comfortable clothes.

90 min / 15.000 ISK

postcard from hawaii - Massage gift card

Unique gift for family and friends – massage gift card printed on original postcard I brought from Hawaii. Valid for 3 months from the day of purchase, for one session of traditional lomi lomi massage.

Contact me to buy a gift card. 

Aloha! My name is Magdalena.

I am the first massage therapist in Iceland to practice and teach Hawaiian lomi lomi. During massage sessions and workshops I help people relax their bodies, calm their minds and change quality of their lives.

My massage journey started in 2016 and since then I have been sharing my passion for Hawaiian massage with people in Iceland and abroad. I study with kumu Susan Pa’iniu Floyd from Big Island and kumu Jeana Iwalani Naluai from Maui.

Lomi lomi is traditional massage from Hawaii.

This healing art has been passed on through generations in Hawaii and eventually made its way to Europe.

Lomi lomi is called by many “the most beautiful massage on Earth” or “more than just a massage”. It is a very efficient therapeutic touch that helps to release physical pain, blockages and tensions, balances emotions, brings peace, transformation and connection.

During massage session I intuitively use long continuous forearm strokes, stretches, compressions, joint rotations, underbody movements and other techniques. I work from light to deep which makes this massage very efficient and not painful.

Massage is performed in the spirit of Aloha and atmosphere of love, acceptance and compassion, with full respect towards your body and its needs.

The only Hawaiian massage studio in Iceland

You will find me in Mosfellsbær, sessions by appointment only. 

When do you need a massage?

1. Physical pain

Many of my clients come to me due to pain. Upper or lower back pain, frozen shoulders, stiff neck, blocked hips, headaches, fibromyalgia, recovering after injury… Lomi lomi eases the pain, helps the body to regenerate and relax. 

2. Emotional pain

Depression, anxiety, low mood, chronic fatigue, low self-esteem, grief, stress, loss of hope, trauma, insomnia, feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, stuck… Caring touch helps to go through difficult emotions.

3. Rest and pleasure

People come for massage also because they like this time of deep relaxation, rest and pleasure. Because it simply feels good to receive caring touch. Because we NEED touch for peace, wellbeing and development.

4. Celebration!

Birthday, wedding day, graduation, anniversary, major life changes, dreams coming true – I love it when my clients choose to celebrate their happy moments on my massage table. You can schedule session for yourself or get a gift card for your beloved ones.

Take a look at lomi lomi and kua lua:

A 5-star experience

Lomi lomi is massage like no other. It is often called the most beautiful massage on Earth. Many of my clients are surprised how different it is from other massages, how special, holistic and unique.

"Truly magical"

Magdalena made me feel comfortable from the first second. During the two hours that followed, I felt totally at peace, being able to give in completely to her skilled hands. After trying many different massages, this was the first time that I felt that somebody took care of my body as a whole, whilst also caressing my spiritual essence. Truly magical. Strongly recommended.


Touch comes before sight,
before speech.

It is the first language and the last, and it always tells the truth.

Aloha blog

Here I write and talk about massage, conscious life, wellbeing and self-care. I answer frequently asked questions about lomi lomi, I give tips on how to take the most from every massage experience and I share my view on the world seen through the lens of touch. 

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