Aloha Magdalena

Hawaiian massage therapy & trainings in Mosfellsbær, Iceland.

I’m Magdalena – psychologist by degree, massage therapist and teacher by calling. I moved to Iceland in 2015 and one year later I had a dream to learn Hawaiian massage called lomi lomi. And I didI am the first practitioner and the only teacher of Hawaiian lomi lomi in Iceland.

Healing massages. Holistic trainigs.

I believe in touch. I know that through massages people can find pain relief, recover from injuries, feel amazing in their bodies, relax, find peace, even heal traumas and completely transform their lives.

These are my most popular massages and trainings – which one is calling you?

Lomi lomi from Hawaii
- more than just a massage

Prepare for a massage different that anything you’ve tried! Lomi lomi is called by many the most beautiful massage on Earth. It is therapeutic touch that releases physical pain, balances emotions, brings peace of mind.

This holistic bodywork is about respect, care and harmony. I massage back and front of the body applying pressure and stretches from light to deep, which makes this treatment strong but not painful.

This is how I can help you

Whether you need a massage session, or you would like to learn to massage, I am here for you. Take a look at my full offer – Hawaiian massage sessions, individual and group trainings, unique gift cards.