Aloha Magdalena

Hawaiian massage therapy & trainings in Mosfellsbær, Iceland.

I’m Magdalena – psychologist by degree, massage therapist and teacher by calling. I moved to Iceland in 2015 and one year later I had a dream to learn Hawaiian massage called lomi lomi. And I didI am the first practitioner and the only teacher of Hawaiian lomi lomi in Iceland.

I believe in touch. During my therapeutic massages people can experience pain relief, find peace of mind and relaxation of the body, or even heal traumas and transform their lives.

Massages for healthy body, mind and soul

I am a certified practitioner of Hawaiian lomi lomi bodywork – I offer traditional Hawaiian lomi lomi, as well as massages with cacao and back walking sessions.

You can book your massage online HERE. Gift cards are also available. 

Lomi lomi from Hawaii
is more than just a massage

Prepare for a massage different that anything you’ve tried! Lomi lomi is called by many the most beautiful massage on Earth. This therapeutic touch is full of respect and care. It releases physical pain, balances emotions, brings peace of mind.

Warm oil is used during the session and massage is performed on the heated table. Client is undressed to their comfort level with genitals always covered. I massage back and front of the body applying pressure and stretches from light to deep, which makes this treatment effective but not painful.

Massage trainings for everybody

As a certified teacher of lomi lomi, I believe that touch is a universal language. Yes, massage is an art, but I know how to make it simple and easy to learn. Each training is individually tailored to your needs – this is my favorite way of teaching.

Do you prefer  intensive 5-day training of Hawaiian lomi lomi massage, or maybe a one day training on how to massage your family and friends?

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My Subscribers are very dear to me, they are my ‘ohana – this Hawaiian word means a group of people who take care of each other like a family.

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This is my full offer:

Whether you need a massage session, or you would like to learn to massage, I am here for you. Take a look at my full offer – Hawaiian lomi lomi massage sessions, individual and group trainings, unique gift cards.