About me


I am Magdalena

I describe myself as a psychologist by degree, massage teacher by calling. I am the first teacher of Hawaiian lomi lomi therapy in Iceland.

Lomi came to me… in a dream. I know it sounds cringy, but it’s true! In that dream, I heard a voice saying: it would be good if you learned lomi lomi nui. I woke up and thought: sure, I will do it!

And so it happened that I brought lomi to Iceland.

I studied with many teachers: Agnieszka Kawula from Poland, kumu Susan Pa’iniu Floyd from Big Island, Jeana Iwalani Naluai from Maui and Jody Mountain from Maui. 

I practice lomi lomi from the lineage of kahu Abraham Kawai’i (lomi lomi nui / temple lomi / kahuna bodywork)

I believe in touch

When in 2015 I shouted out loud: “I don’t want to be a psychologist anymore!”, closed my practice and travelled to Iceland for one-year volunteering project, I was REALLY sure that I was DONE with psychology, therapy, diagnosis, psychological intervention.

Then, at the end of 2016, two things happened: my marriage ended and Hawaiian lomi lomi massage came to my life. I took my first training, then another, and another… And the more I massaged, the more I understood that it was not just about relaxation and loosening up stiff muscles. Especially when I started meeting clients with the history of depression, PTSD, anxiety, abuse, chronic stress, insomnia, burnout, or just people who felt a bit lost or stuck in life, people who lost hope or motivation, or got out of track…

I see massage as a holistic treatment. And I invite you to look at it like this, too: as a therapy intended to relieve or heal a disorder, so you can feel better, raise stronger, HEAL and GROW.

Because I was a psychologist before I became massage practitioner and teacher, space holding and working with emotions in massage come naturally to me. My intention for you as my Client or Student is to create safe atmosphere and give you the feeling of acceptance, respect and care.

I want to show people that massage can be something more than just a treatment for relieving physical pain and relaxing. Massage can be a tool for transformation, connection, deep healing and bringing peace to the world. And this is my pledge.