I cannot change the world. I can only change myself




I’ve been meditating on this a lot. Change yourself – what does it even mean?

My conclusion is: in practice, it means everything that is in your area of influence. It means changing what you can. And it is always – you. Even if you have children that you take care of – still, it boils down to YOUR attitude, mindset, choices, responses.

I can choose – and change! – so many things in my life. My body, mind, heart and soul are MINE to take care of.

Food that I eat. Music I listen to. Movies I watch. Books I read. News that I listen to. Things in my home. In other words – what I surround myself with, what I consume (literally and figuratively), and how. Do these choices support my wellbeing?

I can change the way I spend my free time. How much I move, exercise, take care of my body. How I rest and recharge. How much time I spend in nature. How I start my mornings and spend my evenings. How much time I spend on the phone. How much I prioritize my health and if I ask for help when I need it.

I can change my mindset about the world, work, money, people etc. What is my POINT OF FOCUS in this world? What thoughts I repeat in my head? Do I see the world as a hostile place where people are selfish and governments corrupted, or do I believe that the Universe always has my back and I am surrounded by good people and great opportunities?

I can change my attitude, approach, reactions and responses. How I react when somebody crosses my boundaries? How I react to injustice? How I respond when somebody is aggressive towards me, passive-aggressive, avoiding, manipulative? Or when something surprising and unpleasant happens to me?

I can change the way I interact with people. How I take care of my relationship with my parents, friends, life partner, clients, strangers?

This list goes on and on and on. Depending on YOUR life situation, your areas of influence may be a bit different in details. But the truth is always the same.

You cannot change the world.
You can only change yourself.
And this is enough to change the world.

I love you,

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