Body neutrality

I bought myself a crop top and yes, it has a lot to do with massage.

I haven’t worn a crop top for 20 years. All because when I was a teenager I decided that I was TOO FAT to ever wear a crop top. I was like millions of teenagers – struggling with accepting my look, feeling that my body image doesn’t meet the standards from colorful magazines. Feeling too fat, with my thighs too big and boobs too small.

It took me years of time and work to like my body and NOT PANIC when I gain weight.

Few days ago I saw this crop top in a shop window and I thought to myself: why I never wear crop tops? They seem fun to wear.

Well, it’s because you are not slim, so when you bend, the skin and fat on your belly forms these… folds, and everybody can see them and… – I started talking to myself.

The world can see my abdominal folds, so I shouldn’t wear a crop top? What kind of stupidity is this? – I replied in my head, laughed and bought the crop top. I wear it and yes, you can see my fat folds, BECAUSE, for heaven’s sake, I HAVE THEM, end of story.

There is a movement called body positivity and I LOVE IT. But you know what I love even more? Body neutrality.

Bodies are just bodies. They are DIFFERENT, big, small, fat, skinny, smooth, hairy, with cellulite or without, with scars, pimples, wrinkles, muscles etc etc etc. Just different bodies, and we make such a fuss that it’s absolutely ridiculous!

Yes, some of the bodies that I see, I find pretty or even attractive, others not, it’s normal, it’s my opinion and it has NOTHING to do with YOUR value.

What if bodies, essentially, are simply neutral?

Body is just a body unless you make it something else. Your body is not a decoration or sexual object. Its purpose is not to aesthetically please others.

Trying that crop top, for a moment I saw my body as it WAS. Without judgment attached. Just like I see bodies that I massage.

I massage different bodies and I REALLY do not judge them for how they look. I do not waste a thought on this.

All I know is that all bodies carry stories. They might need care and help to release tensions. And they all deserve to feel good, healthy and self-LOVED.

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