Touchful life

Cultivate love! (hand massage for your loved one)

Give your loved one a hand massage today, if they are up for it. Ask them – would you like me to massage your hands?

You can use a drop of oil, or no oil at all. Take ther hand in your hands. Feel the temperature of the hand, the weight of it. Feel that you are holding the hand of a person that you LOVE, and let the love flow from your hands to theirs.

The myth of comfort zone

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there. ” – these words I found today on some fanpage I follow. Normally I would just say pffffffff nooooooo and kept scrolling. But maybe today should be the day when I tell you what I think about this whole stepping out of comfort …

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How can I be of service today?

Be of service

Aloha! I learned another Hawaiian proverb. Ahuwale ka po’okela I kāu hana iā ha’i – It is through the way you serve others that your greatness will be felt. We are here to serve each other, inspire each other, remind each other about our greatness – what else would we come to this world for? …

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It takes courage to throw off the armor

Your body has good intentions: to make sure you survive. To protect you, guard you, defend you, keep you safe. Sometimes the only way the body knows how to do this is by putting on armor and growing a shield of muscles, tension, fear and pain.