Lomi for couples: How to massage each other

Private weekend training for couples who want to learn elements of Hawaiian lomi lomi to massage each other. 

Express love, care and connection through massage

This lomi training is dedicated to couples who are looking for ways to deepen their connection and show love, care and respect through massage.

As a teacher of therapeutic lomi lomi, I believe that everybody CAN massage, because touch is our intuitive language – language that expresses love, care, connection, respect and intimacy. I will teach you how to give beautiful massages to each other. Massages that are not only relaxing, but also helpful for stiff neck, tight shoulders, pain in upper and lower back, sore muscles, chronic stress and tensions, headaches or sleep problems. 

During this weekend training you will learn intuitive massage inspired by Hawaiian lomi lomi

You will practice on each other.  I will show you massage techniques for upper and lower back, neck, abdomen, head, arms and legs. I will teach you:

  • How to massage with oil using your hands and forearms from light and gentle touch to deep massage
  • How to  apply long relaxing strokes, satisfying pressure, stretches, joint rotations and other techniques
  •  How to give massages intuitively, so they are not only effective and healing, but also fun to give.
  • How to use massage to build trust and connection between partners

After the training you will be able to give beautiful and caring massages to each other as well as other family members or friends.

This training is not just simply about massage, but also teaches you:

  • how to effortlessly give and deeply receive your partner’s care and attention
  • how to breathe in a way that deepens your relaxation or focus
  • how to connect to your partner on a new level of love and trust
  • how to take care of each other in a new way
  • how to have quality time together

What my students say:

We spent a day as a couple learning about lomi lomi massage and went away with good insights around breathing, techniques that work for different body types and connection. Magdalena has a clear way to communicate and show how these elements come together. The teaching at a comfortable pace and it is all so super practical and down to earth. Super chill day! Thank you Magdalena.

– David

Frequently asked questions

Yes! You don’t need any prior experience in massaging. All you need are literally your two hands, your open heart and your willingness to learn. You can be an absolute beginners in massage. If you already have massage experience, I will be happy to take you further on that journey!

Health issues are very individual, however I strongly believe that this training can be for you – because it is a private training. The two of you will have my full attention and support, and this includes adjusting massage techniques to your abilities and health condition.

Yes, absolutely. Again, this is a private training, tailored exactly to your individual needs, as well as your needs as a couple. If one of you wants to give and the other to receive, I will organize your training that way. 

I created this offer as a couples’ training – simply because my Clients kept asking me “Can I learn to massage my husband / wife like this?”. However, there is nothing against taking the training with a non-romantic partner, with a friend or family member. One of my Clients took the training with her daughter and it was a beautifully bonding experience!

If you are interested in this training, send me a message to hello@alohamagdalena.com

Training details:

  • This is a private training, meaning I work with one couple exclusively.
  • Training is divided into 2 days, around 5 hours each day and takes place in my home in Arnarstapi. We schedule the time of the training based on your and my availability.
  • I teach intuitive massage techniques with oil as well as simple breathing techniques.  
  • We practice on the floor, on a big, comfortable mattress. After the training you can easily practice this massage at home, on the bed or on the floor.
  • Total price for this training is 100.000 isk and includes accommodation and meals prepared together

About me:

Aloha! I am Magdalena – practitioner and teacher who brought Hawaiian lomi lomi massage in Iceland in 2017.

Through my massages, trainings, workshops and online content, I want to inspire people to live more touchful life – that is, life in connection with yourself, others and the whole world. In health, integrity and with open heart.