Be of service

How can I be of service today?

Aloha! I learned another Hawaiian proverb.

Ahuwale ka po’okela I kāu hana iā ha’i – It is through the way you serve others that your greatness will be felt.

We are here to serve each other, inspire each other, remind each other about our greatness – what else would we come to this world for?

My service is massage. Through lomi lomi nui I remind you about your beauty, power and grace, about connection to your body, heart and the world. I remind you how it is to live without pain, how it is to relax, rest, let go.


But my service to you and this world is much more. It is the smile I share with a stranger passing by. It’s the garbage I pick up when I go for a walk. It’s the taxes I pay. It’s taking good care of my own body and wellbeing. Getting enough sleep is my service to the world, as well as eating good food. Showing up, helping out, being fair, kind and courageous – service to the world. Openly sharing my knowledge, but also my doubts – service. Sharing inspiring words and uplifting messages instead of hateful speech – service.

Today I invite you to think about everything we do like this – as service to each other. And then life becomes all about asking yourself this question every day – how can I be of service today?


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