Cultivate love! (hand massage for your loved one)


So touch the world today
And let it touch you.


Give your loved one a hand massage today, if they are up for it. Ask them – would you like me to massage your hands?

You can use a drop of oil, or no oil at all. Take their hand in your hands. Feel the temperature of the hand, the weight of it. Feel that you are holding the hand of a person that you LOVE, and let the love flow from your hands to theirs.

Massage the palm of their hand with your thumbs, pressing them from the middle to the sides, as if you wanted to open their palm. Feel the muscles and the bones moving under your fingers. Be firm and gentle. Give enough pressure to help muscles to relax.

Massage their every finger, slowly, patiently, pushing every digit towards the heart.

And most importantly – have fun! Experiment. Try different things. Trust that you know how to massage your loved ones with care. After all, it is not about the massage at all. It is about offering your time, care, your focus. It is about cultivating love ❤

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