“You have seen all of me and you didn’t run away”

A dear Client who has been receiving lomi from me regularly for almost 2 years now, told me recently after a particularly emotional session: “You have seen all of me and you didn’t run away.”

These words touched me so, so, so deeply.

I have seen a lot on the massage bench during these 5 years of practicing lomi. For many of my Clients, lomi is a peaceful, soothing, deeply relaxing experience, a massage like no other, a time of rest and rejuvenation, or meditation. And even though lomi is a deep massage with lot of pressure, stretches and joint rotations, people often experience it gently – like being rocked by ocean waves, or floating in space. Some even fall asleep, others are present and aware all the time (either way is a perfect way to receive lomi!)

Every now and then, a Clients is swept away by the lomi wave. Some people have strong emotional reactions like crying, weeping, laughing or raging. Others experience physical sensations like shaking and trembling, tingling, coughing. I have seen all this and more. I have heard many stories and felt them in the bodies of my Clients.

I never know how each lomi lomi session will go. But I know one thing: I don’t judge. There is space for your experience, whatever it will be, because there is no right or wrong way to FEEL. And lomi is always an invitation for you to feel yourself with everything that IS. I believe THIS to be the healing and therapeutic component of ANY experience – to feel truly seen and taken with everything. So yes, if you want to be seen with all of you, if you want to show yourself, I will see it and I will not run away.

But, leaving the topic of massage behind – I am writing to you today simply to wish you people in your life who see all of you. I wish you friends and family members who are there to witness your greatest joy and deepest sadness; real people who show up to celebrate your wholeness. I hope you have somebody like this around you. And if you do – maybe let them know that they are important and precious.


With love and sun,


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