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Love fully and die

This post is going to be a bit long. If you want to take the most of it, I recommend you to find an undisturbed moment to read it, to really take it in, not just sliding through the words, but really inhaling them, sitting with them, contemplating and embodying them. Let these words resonate in you and evoke all kinds of feelings, sensations, thoughts, insights.

From my heart to yours!

lomi lomi – photo by Anna Ślęczek


PART 1 – Love fully and die

Sooner or later, this present moment is going to be your last.

You are alive, for now. Feel your heart beating in your chest. Soften your belly and relax your jaw. Feel your heart beating deep in your body, and feel your heart’s rhythm radiating outward, pulsing in your hands and feet and neck. Feeling your heartbeat, relax open as if offering your heartbeat to the world.

While feeling your heartbeat as an offering to all, feel how you live your moments. What did you do today? What are your plans for tomorrow? Who do you love and how deeply?

No matter how much money or love you have made, one day your legs will become cold and numb, your heart will stop, your breath will cease, and all will disappear. In some now-moment as real as this present one, your life will end. Are you ready for your death? Are you ready for the death of your children, your parents, and your friends?


Are you ready? Have you loved fully and given your deepest gifts?

A life lived well embraces death by feeling open, from heart to all, in every moment. Wide open, you can offer without holding back, you can receive without pushing away. Wide open, heart to all, you are openness, unseparate from this entire open moment. Every part of the moment comes and goes as openness.

Your daughter’s smile: temporary, precious, already dissolving. Your lover’s embrace: sweet, full, already loosening. Every moment is miraculous and disappearing. Every experience, profound and empty, both.

Life lived for the sake of experience is a half-life, tense, insecure, lonely, and unfulfilled. Your experience cannot fulfill you because as soon as it comes it is already gone, a thin wisp, the tail end of hope, receding out of reach.

Ungrasped, this moment of life burgeons free and bright. Surrendering wide, breathing deeply, offering your heart, you are birthed open as this moment. Death is permission to open freely as love.

David Deida, Blue Truth



PART 2 – Are you ready?

Last week I was teaching on an intensive lomi lomi training. Before every session I would ask my students, in Hawaiian: Ho’o maukaukau? Are you ready? – to which they would reply: ‘Ae! Yes!

Literally, ho’omaukaukau means exactly this – to get ready, to prepare. But some of my lomi lomi teachers would put a deeper layer of meaning to that phrase. By asking are you ready? before every massage, we in fact ask: are you ready to die?

If you ever came to a lomi lomi session with me, then maybe you remember how I asked you right before I started massaging: are you ready? And only when I heard or saw your yes, I would begin, often adding: I wish you a beautiful journey.

The true sense – and power – of these words is deeper than their literal meaning.

Beloved Human, are you ready? Are you ready to let go of everything that is standing between you and Love? Are you ready to release your stories and to find out who you would be without them? Are you ready to meet YOU who is waiting on the other side of Love, when tensions are gone, when fear is gone, when you are seen in truth?

I keep asking you, but in fact, through you I ask myself. Are you ready for this breath to be your last? Are you ready to trust and live here, now, in this, to stop waiting, to love so deeply and truly that, when death comes, you have nothing but gratitude in you?

Ho’o maukaukau?


Feel it. Be it. Love fully and die.

I wish you – us! – a beautiful journey towards real embodiment, to becoming more YOU, living and loving YOUR way, unapologetically giving YOU as the greatest gift. It is so much joy to be in this journey together with YOU.

With my deepest gratitude for YOU,


PS. Photos that I am proudly sharing with you today are from my last lomi lomi training – I will share more soon 🙂

PPS. I made couple of playlists for that training, THIS is my favorite one.

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