What is a “whole body massage”?

What is a “whole body massage”?

When I speak about lomi, I sometimes mention that this is a whole body massage. During the massage your body is naked, however, your genitals are covered all the time and are not touched or massaged.

In lomi lomi nui not only your back, shoulders or legs are being massaged, but also arms, hands, neck, buttocks, sides of the body, feet. When a person lies on their back, then the front of the body is massaged, including arms and legs, hands, feet, shoulders, abdomen, face and head. Back and neck are also massaged by sliding hands and forearms under and around the body and performing long gentle strokes.

As for ladies, in lomi lomi breast covering is not usually used. The breasts are not massaged, but the sternum (the area between the breasts where the chest bone is) is massaged.

It is a “whole body massage” in a sense that I mindfully touch and massage not only these parts that are “usually” massaged, like back or shoulders. I massage also your every finger and every toe. Heels. Ears. Top of your head. Ankles. Knees. Hips. Eyebrows and area between them. Forehead. Do you know how many tensions we can accumulate in the forehead?

Lomi lomi nui is “whole body massage” also in a sense that it doesn’t treat body as a set of many different parts massaged separately. You are whole, your body is whole and lomi lomi is to remind you about this. Therefore, it happens often that one of my hands massages the shoulderblade, while the other is on the hip or on the neck. One massages your hand and the other your shoulder. One is on the abdomen and the other is under your back. Or I make long, continuous strokes from your feet all the way to your neck, from your neck all the way down the spine… All this to connect your body parts and to give mindful, compassionate and loving touch to your whole being.


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