You will not see fear on x-ray

Many people come to me with physical pain, usually upper/lower back. Before I start massaging, we talk – I ask about their overall physical condition, recent operations, injuries, diagnosis. Sometimes there is a clear diagnosis that – at least according to medical standards of western world – helps to explain this pain: spinal degeneration, trapped …

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Gentle change

Aloha! Practicing Hawaiian lomi lomi nui massage – both giving and receiving – teaches me a lot about the subtle nature of change. I used to think that change has to be something visible and easy to notice. Like when you walk down the stairs and suddenly miss the step – you feel it, it’s …

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Heart in a cage

For your body there’s no difference if somebody literally attacks your heart or if it is emotional pain and hurt. Reaction would be often the same – protect the heart, withdraw, freeze, create armor. I see this body pattern on the massage table.

Boundaries and massaging men

Aloha! The topic of massage and boundaries has been brewing in me for some time now. Nothing taught me more about people and about myself than almost 2 years of massaging. And when you choose massage to be also your business, sooner or later (usually sooner than later) you will have to deal with boundaries. …

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