Gentle change


Practicing Hawaiian lomi lomi nui massage – both giving and receiving – teaches me a lot about the subtle nature of change.

I used to think that change has to be something visible and easy to notice. Like when you walk down the stairs and suddenly miss the step – you feel it, it’s impossible not to notice.

I used to expect change to be like this – like missing a step. Rapid, obvious, noticeable, instant. Like snapping your fingers. I was waiting for this sudden, spectacular, visible change, thinking – nothing is changing, this isn’t working.

Until one day I woke up just to realize that everything had changed, that I had changed. When, how? I didn’t know. The change was gentle, invisible, soft and silent – like when grass grows, or days get longer. You just wake up one morning at the usual time and notice that it’s bright day outside and your lawn needs mowing.

* * *
Change can happen, and often does, without you being aware of it at the moment. It’s only until later that you realize a shift.
* * *

I feel and observe that Hawaiian lomi lomi often brings this kind of change. Gentle yet impossible to ignore once you notice it.

Many times it was hours, days or even weeks after massage session when I finally realized a SHIFT. Some old pain was gone, some problem was not a problem anymore, some limiting beliefs dissolved, some emotions got free, some doors closed and others opened. Silently, unnoticeably Рthe change happened.

And it was beautiful.



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