What can happen during lomi lomi session?

What can happen during a lomi lomi session…

Sometimes it’s relaxing. You lie down, the massage table is nice and warm, the oils smell good, the hands that touch you are soft and gentle, the music plays. You feel good. You fly on a cloud. You feel light, weightless. You are calm, happy, energized, you feel bliss and deep stillness inside. You feel taken care of. You feel your body becoming softer and softer as it melts away all the tensions. Or you simply fall asleep on the table.


And sometimes… it’s not. Suddenly… you feel sad, and start crying without a reason. You feel awkward. Dizzy. Lonely. Or angry at gods know what. Or anxious, or scared. Some memories may come to you… memories from so long time ago! Memories of people, places, events… Pictures in your head; voices, smells. From your childhood maybe. Or even from before. It may be surprising. It may be hard. It may be unexpected, uncomfortable, weird.

And it may be the most healing experience of your life.

I remember one of the massages I received. I lied down on the table and two of my friends, Joanna and Maria, started massaging me. It was good. But then, out of a sudden, I started feeling so, so sad, lonely, lost… like an abandoned child. I started weeping and crying. Huge tears were dripping on the floor. And I cried for almost the whole time, while my dear friends were massaging me with love, care and compassion. For two hours. My eyes were swollen from crying, I could barely see anything, and I got a headache. And then… it just ended. Everything that needed to go out, just… went out. Everything that needed to be cried out, just came out. I was lying down, covered with soft fabric, breathing slowly and deeply. Feeling calm. Feeling free. Feeling waves of love and gratitude coming through my body. Feeling so unbelievably light. Like if I left hundreds of pounds of stones and garbage on that massage table. What I left there was something I didn’t need anymore. I left emotions stuck in my body for years, I left memories, old beliefs and patterns of behavior. And I I got reborn. With new body and new mind. New me.

Memory of the body. Emotions, feelings, beliefs hidden in the tissues, muscles, joints.

Wisdom of the body. It knows how to heal. Releasing is healing.

Lie down on the massage table with trust that everything that happens is good for you. Everything you feel or don’t feel, is good for you at the moment. You can be sad, you can cry if you want to. You can be angry. Or you can laugh out loud. Or moan, or make any other noises. Or no noises at all. Or feel nothing special. And yes, it´s okay to snore, too 🙂


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