lomi lomi massage

Take your time

After the massage….

Take your time.

Take your time to just lie down and breathe. Take your time to really feel your body. Every part of it. Take your time to just be. Give yourself a minute, or five minutes. Just enjoy the moment. This is your time. Time to heal, time to rest, time to listen to all these important messages universe has for you. Just take this time. I know that there are so many things to do, plan, accomplish, buy, plan. You will take care of all of them in a moment. The world will be fine with you being off for these five minutes.

Take. Your. Time.

You don’t need to jump off the massage table immediately after the touch stops. Just lie down, eyes closed, breathing slowly. Enjoy the moment. Be present in your body. Notice what has changed. Maybe some pain is gone. Maybe some tensions are gone. Maybe you feel warm, cold, weightless, soft. Maybe you feel calm, happy, sad, moved, tired, grateful. Take your time to notice. Take your time to be.

Take your time today. Be good and gentle to yourself and always remember that you are amazing, you are important and you deserve all the good things.


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