how to hold space for yourself and others

7. How to “hold space” for yourself and others | PODCAST

I am on fire! ? I recorded another episode of Touchful Podcast and oh my was this a fun one to make! I got to talk about one of my favorite, juicy, uplifting topics: holding space for other people… and for ourselves. Or, in simple words: how to be present with others and ourselves in a way that feels honest, supportive and healing.

I’d be honored if you would listen to this one!

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“Holding space” – yyyy what is it? And more importantly – how to do it? How to be truly supportive for yourself and others? How to show radical compassion? What are the dos and don’ts of truly showing up for others… and for you?

This episode is all about space holding. Because to me, holding space is an essential part of living a touchful life. When we as humans can show up for ourselves and each other in radical compassion, in truth, in vulnerability, when we can witness each other not only in our best moments, but also moments of despair, fear, grief – miracles happen. World changes. Hearts open.

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