6. Be the Change, birth the World | PODCAST

Aloha, Dear Human!

For the last weeks I couldn’t find the right words. I couldn’t find any words that would not feel superficial, shallow, empty. In the face of Russian invasion of Ukraine everything just… fell short.

I am Polish and Ukraine is our neighbor. Since the beginning of this horrible war all my friends back in Poland have been helping in every way they can and I am really proud of my country now. But still, all I could think about was: this is all wrong. The world should be cancelled… We should restart the Earth and hopefully we do better next time.

In a state of big emotional distress I went to visit my friend. I was in need of a good heartwarming hug. So I found myself sobbing in his arms, feeling heartbroken and mumbling about my disappointment with the world, and that I don’t know what to do, and if it even makes sense to do massages or teach lomi lomi, I mean, what difference it even makes in the scale of the whole world… And he said something that I knew he would say, but I am still grateful that he did.

Just be you. Just be you, this is what you can do for the world now. Just be you.

I’m not even sure what it means, but I do my best. Over the last 2 weeks I’ve kept asking myself this question, over and over again: what do I believe in? And also: what world I want to live in?

This is how this episode got created. A weird one, uneasy one, chaotic one, truthful one. I will be honored if you would listen to it.


Be the Change. Birth the World.

“Be the change that you want to see in the world” is a famous quote attributed to Gandhi. And even though this is not exactly what Gandhi said, these words inspired me to talk about what it means to live in integrity, in truth and responsibility. I believe that nobody is going to save us – we ourselves need to birth the world that we want to live in.


Thank you for you!

With love and care, 


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