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8. Layers of reality and layers of lomi lomi | PODCAST

Four levels, layers, elements in life and in massage. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. None of them more important than the other, all of them intertwined and connected.

This topic of layers, levels, elements, components originally started as a purely “massage” topic. Talking about four elements of massage  was my way of explaining lomi lomi to my Clients and Students. But, since lomi is not just my job but my spiritual path and greatest teacher of life, soon enough I realized that “as within, so without” and that exactly the same layers that I see in massage, apply to every life situation.

In this episode I am deconstructing, decomposing reality into these four layers and I am giving you ideas and inspirations of how to balance these four elements in your life… and not just on the massage bench 😉

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