How to hold space for your Clients in massage | MASTERCLASSES + BONUSES


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In this masterclass I am teaching you everything that I know about holding space in massage.

As always, I will give you inspirations, tips and stories from my massage practice, all this to help you create your own way of holding space for your Clients in five areas of massage:

  • talk before the massage: how to ask open questions that give your Clients the feeling of safety and trust, how to talk about the massage to your Clients
  • opening and closing the massage session
  • during the massage (lovingly and with support responding to emotional releases, bodily reactions, or when the Client “falls apart”)
  • integration after the massage 
  • follow-up the day after

I will be also teaching you about taking care of your boundaries in massage practice, and about programming your physical space so it supports you and your Clients.


After this masterclass you will:

  • have a solid understanding of what “holding space” means for you
  • find your own, natural, intuitive ways of supporting your Clients on every stage of massage session
  • know how to talk with your Clients before and after the massage to create the feeling of safety, trust and openness
  • know how to respond with support to your Clients’ emotional release, body reactions, triggered trauma
  • understand your own boundaries in massage and how to communicate them
  • know how to crate a physical space that supports your and your Clients


Together with this masterclass you receive:

  • A PDF workbook that will help you analyze your massage practice and find your own, intuitive, natural ways to hold space for your Clients – based on YOUR experience, your needs, your personality.
  • BONUS video showing you inspirational ideas on how to open and close your massage session


Me as a space holder:

I have been learning to create safe space for people for over 10 years. Psychology studies and my psychological practice in the Committee for the protection of children’s rights; non-violent communication training; creating first in Iceland Women’s Circle and holding it for over 3 years – all this has helped me when I started massaging and teaching lomi lomi. And I knew it from the beginning:

I don’t want to just massage. I want to give people a healing experience to remember, safe space and time to relax the body, mind and spirit. If you feel that this is yours approach to massage, too, then high five! You are, or you want to become, a space holder.

My intention is that this masterclass will help you in your journey of becoming a powerful and aligned space holder, supporter, caretaker, therapist.

Out of stock