Can lomi lomi massage “open your heart”? | Facebook LIVE with Aloha Magdalena

Can massage “open your heart”? Today I explain: what does it mean to live with open heart and how massage can support this process on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Plus, I share one easy thing that you can do any time to feel more connected to your heart, to yourself and the world

Ho’oponopono and self-care

Aloha, #letstalktouch! Today I’m talking about: 🌼 5 pillars of Hawaiian healing 🌼 ho’oponopono – Hawaiian practice of making right more right 🌼 how to take care of your mana (life force) 🌼 what are my struggles right now and how I use ho’oponopono 🌼why nobody will come to save you 🌼 but why asking for help is an act …

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What is the deeper meaning of Aloha? | #letstalktouch VIDEO

Hello, goodbye and love – these are three meanings of the word “aloha” that most people know. But it’s just the surface! In this video I am digging deeper to uncover the true meaning of aloha and the universal message it carries.  

Ho’oponopono and the Bowl of Light

I invite you for a 10-minute talk about ho’oponopono – Hawaiian practice of making things right. I’m also sharing with you my favorite, classic Hawaiian parable – The Bowl of Light. Let me know it the comments – what are your insights and inspirations from that story? What is the action you will take today?   …

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When I started giving massages 3 years ago, one thing was clear to me: I wanted each massage to be a unique experience, a beautiful meeting that we would remember for a long time. I didn’t want just hello, undress and lie down here, then I would press, knead, pull and stretch, you get dressed, …

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