How to massage each other? Tips from massage teacher | VIDEO


Today I’m sharing with you tips on how to massage each other, even if you don’t have any experience in massage. There are few useful things to remember  if you want to massage your partner or friends. 

Can lomi lomi massage “open your heart”? | Facebook LIVE with Aloha Magdalena

Can massage “open your heart”? Today I explain: what does it mean to live with open heart and how massage can support this process on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Plus, I share one easy thing that you can do any time to feel more connected to your heart, to yourself and the world

Ho’oponopono and self-care

Aloha, #letstalktouch! Today I’m talking about: 🌼 5 pillars of Hawaiian healing 🌼 ho’oponopono – Hawaiian practice of making right more right 🌼 how to take care of your mana (life force) 🌼 what are my struggles right now and how I use ho’oponopono 🌼why nobody will come to save you 🌼 but why asking for help is an act …

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What is the deeper meaning of Aloha? | #letstalktouch VIDEO

Hello, goodbye and love – these are three meanings of the word “aloha” that most people know. But it’s just the surface! In this video I am digging deeper to uncover the true meaning of aloha and the universal message it carries.