Gratitude to the people

a cup of cacao

My cacaoholic heart is jumpin’ with joy today – I just got to try new cacao, from Ghana! Whenever I get new cacao, I always make it the simplest way – just cacao paste and water. This way I can feel the taste better. This cacao is mild and chocolatey, not very deep in taste …

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Now or never

You can be free now or never. I heard this sentence from one of my teachers and I remind myself many times a day: now or never. Because now is all that is. I can be alive now or never. Because I only have this moment, and the quality of this moment is the quality …

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When I started giving massages 3 years ago, one thing was clear to me: I wanted each massage to be a unique experience, a beautiful meeting that we would remember for a long time. I didn’t want just hello, undress and lie down here, then I would press, knead, pull and stretch, you get dressed, …

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