When I started giving massages 3 years ago, one thing was clear to me: I wanted each massage to be a unique experience, a beautiful meeting that we would remember for a long time. I didn’t want just hello, undress and lie down here, then I would press, knead, pull and stretch, you get dressed, pay and goodbye. No!

From your first step into my massage studio I want you to feel how special you are, and how this massage session is a moment to slow down, go within, be truthful and vulnerable. And when the door closes behind you, my hope is that you leave relaxed, inspired, uplifted, in peace.

I like when we can talk few minutes before and after the massage. Sometimes these are small talks about this and that, about your health and what do you need from a massage; other times these are conversations about life, emotions, changes, traumas, fears, transformations and hopes. Sometimes we just take couple of breaths together, other times we drink ceremonial cacao. Either way is just perfect.

I call it – togetherness. Massage happens in togetherness. Massage happens heart-to-heart.
Now my massage studio is closed, my massage table folded, waiting for times when “social distancing” will not be the most commonly quoted phrase. Times are challenging now, but like everything, this too shall pass. And then I hope to meet you – again or for the first time. We would sit, talk, practice togetherness. And then I will massage you and it will be the most beautiful massage I could ever give.

This is something to look forward!

With love,


Photo by Marcin Matusiak Photography – me and Julia drinking cacao before massage.

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