Massage for decision making – how can massage help you make decisions?


I like staying in touch with my massage clients, asking them how they felt after the session, listening to what changed in their lives thanks to massage, regardless of if it was just one session of if we meet regularly.

Some time ago my client wrote me that after massage she finally had made a big decision – one that she had been postponing for a long time.

This doesn’t surprise me. Lomi lomi can help with decision making. There are even legends about this massage being given for hours or days to high chiefs of the village so they could make best decisions for the whole community.

So how does this work? Why does massage help you make decisions (does this sound crazy to you)?

In fact, it is very simple. When your body softens and mind quiets, when pain (physical or emotional) gets out of the way, when you enter the space of silence and stillness after massage, then everything naturally comes to you – including answers and ideas. It’s as if a good session of lomi lomi helped you live – and make decisions – out of love, not fear.

I still remember one lomi lomi I received, and how I was taking a shower after, and to my surprise I realized that something I had considered a problem was not a problem anymore – I just knew what to do, I was absolutely sure from the bottom of my heart.

I believe that tension creates only tension. Tense body cannot feel, tense mind cannot think – and both feeling and thinking are crucial for making truthful, confident, aligned decisions. Anything that helps you find true relaxation, rest and balance (and massage is a good example of such thing) will help you make decisions.

When I need to make a big decision I give myself as much time as I can. I breathe. I imagine all the options and check how I feel. I think and behave like I already made that choice and check if I have tensions in my body. And I make sure to give my body and mind plenty of chances to relax, soften, unwind – I go to sauna, for long walks or even the whole weekend somewhere in the nature, I meditate, I talk to my friends, I drink heart-opening pure cacao (the same I serve to my clients before massage) and, of course, I receive massages with intention to help me make the best decision. And then it just comes. Confidence. Courage. Vision. Certainty. Peace.

What helps you make decisions? What do you do when you face a big decision in your life?


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