“You remind me what it means to feel alive”

I got this short note from my lomi lomi Student… and I burst into tears reading it this morning. Good tears, these kind of tears that you cry when you feel a great relief, or when you finally remember something long time ago forgotten and everything falls into place.

“You remind me what it means to feel alive”

This one sentence opened my heart big and wide, and uncovered another layer of understanding what I do… what I try to do through the bodywork, through my massage trainings, through all the cacao that we drink together and all the breaths that we take together.

It is my greatest honor – and so much fun! – to help you remember what it means to feel alive. What it means to be truly here. To be loved. To take a deep, full breath. To have a body. And each time I remind you, I get to remember it myself (look at me, I’m tearing up again).

How awesome is that, how sacred, mysterious, crazy amazing this is: that we can remind each other what it means to feel alive!

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