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Today is my 5th birthday. Yes, you read me right. Exactly 5 years ago today, I gave my first lomi lomi massage. I touched a person for the first time like this. It was the first day of my first lomi training and on that day… everything changed. I mean it – something in my heart, in my core deeply shifted on that day, to the point that when I think about my life, I think “life before lomi” and “life after lomi”.

Every year on that day I take a moment to reflect on the changes that lomi brought into my life and to express gratitude to my Teachers. This year I am doing it in a very special way. And that’s the second reason why today is so special for me: because today I am releasing the first episode of my Touchful Podcast!

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Touchful Podcast with Aloha Magdalena

 This project has been in my heart for over a year before it finally got born. My podcast about lomi lomi massage and touchful life. I am a massage teacher, so I will be talking a lot about literal touch in this podcast – how transforming touch is, how healing, important and life changing.

But not only. This podcast is my way to share with you everything that touches me. Everything that moves me, inspires me, transforms me. And also, every way I choose to touch the world.  Because these are the words I wake up with almost every day: touch the world today, Magdalena. Touch the world and let it touch you.


Summary of 5 years of practicing lomi

This first episode is about how my life has changed over these 5 years thanks to practicing and teaching lomi lomi massage. I am talking about my life before and after lomi. About all the changes and challenges that this practice brought to my life. About the prophetic dream that I had. About what it means to REALLY touch somebody. About what is standing between me and love. About why I am not so sweet anymore. And about how I changed a country… a little bit.

Here’s the thing: when you practice a massage like this, a massage that is truly holistic… it will not leave you unchanged, untouched. When you massage people, you get really close to them. And I don’t only mean physically. I feel that when I massage people, I get a chance to KNOW THEM. To see them as they really are, under the masks, under the words, the stories…. And what I see is beautiful. I get to experience innocence, grace, love and real connection. I feel that practicing lomi lomi has showed me, reminded me, what is really important in life. What really matters. And what matters, is connection. Is vulnerability. Is compassion. Is forgiveness. It is being truly seen, witnessed and accepted that  really matters. So how can I live such life, I ask myself every day? How can I live a life that is guided by love, vulnerability and compassion? And its not that I have a fixed answer. I learn this every day, as every day the path unfolds. With every massage, with every training and even on those days when I don’t massage or teach, I discover something new on this path of touch, path of heart.

I’d be really honored if you would like to listen to this episode. I was so stressed recording it, but at the same time had so much fun!

And once you listen to it, share your thoughts with me! Email me at hello[at]alohamagdalena.com




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