Massage trainings

I believe that touch is our universal language. Yes, massage is an art, but I know how to make it simple and easy to learn. .

To schedule your training, send me a message to hello@alohamagdalena.com

Training in therapeutic lomi lomi massage (6 days)

Deeply transformative individual training for people interested in starting or deepening their massage practice by bringing Hawaiian healing to their lives, to their community and Clients. I teach the full sequence of Hawaiian lomi lomi nui massage (also known as temple style lomi) and its therapeutic aspects.

Lomi hapai BASIC - How to massage your pregnant partner (weekend training for expecting couples)

Training dedicated to couples who are expecting a baby and are looking for ways to connect to each other and the baby through the loving, caring massage. I teach intuitive massage techniques with oil, breathing techniques and couples’ meditations. All techniques are inspired by Hawaiian lomi lomi massage.

Elements of lomi lomi for massage therapists (3 days)

Individual massage training people who are experienced in classical massage or any other form of massage / bodywork. You will learn the characteristic and most efficient lomi lomi techniques: the lomi backstroke, long all-body strokes, under-body movements, deep joints rotations, abdominal massage.

Lomi in the family - how to massage each other

Learn how to give effective massages to your partner, parents, children, friends on a weekend private training in Mosfellsbær with Aloha Magdalena.