How to massage your
pregnant partner

Private weekend training for couples who are expecting a baby.
65.000 isk
Mosfellsbær, Iceland

If you are pregnant or your partner is pregnant - this training is for you as a couple!

As a practitioner and teacher of lomi lomi therapy, I see touch as our first, intuitive language. Therefore, I think that massage is not something that should only be performed in designated places by educated specialists. It is something that we can give one another as humans, naturally. I dream about the world where people massage each other in the families to show care, respect, love, compassion and connection.

This lomi BASIC training is dedicated to couples who are expecting a baby and are looking for ways to connect to each other and the baby through the loving, caring massage.

If your partner is pregnant, I will teach you:

  • how to massage her in your own, intuitive and caring way
  • how to touch not only with your hands, but with your heart
  • how to position your partner for receiving massage in the most comfortable way (supported by pillows, blankets, towels)
  • how to relieve pain in her lower back, neck, shoulders, arms and legs
  • how to connect to the baby by massaging the belly
  • and, most importantly, how to connect to your partner in a new, heartfelt, embodied way.

If you are pregnant,
I will teach you:

  • how to fully receive your partner’s caring, loving massage with ease
  • how to breathe in a way that deepens your relaxation
  • how to honor and celebrate your body in massage and yourself as a mother
  • how to connect to the baby through belly massage
  • how to connect to your partner on a deep level of love and trust

As a couple, you will:

  • experience giving and receiving touch in a new way
  • connect to each other and the baby through the touch and breath
  • explore and deepen the trust, care and love between you
  • strengthen the bond between the two of you, and between you and the baby

Training details:

  • This is a private training, meaning I work with one couple exclusively.
  • Training is divided into 2 days, around 3 – 3,5 hours each day and takes place in my massage studio in Mosfellsbær. We schedule the time of the training based on your and my availability.
  • You don’t need any prior experience in massaging.
  • I teach intuitive massage techniques with oil, as well as breathing techniques and couples’ meditations. All techniques are inspired by Hawaiian lomi lomi massage.
  • We practice on the floor, on a big, comfortable mattress. Pregnant woman is positioned on her side and her back (if comfortable), supported by pillows and bolsters. After the training you can easily practice this massage at home, on the bed.
  • Training is suitable for women at all stages of healthy pregnancy.
  • Total price for this training is 65.000 isk

If you would like to register for the training, please send an email to hello[at]alohamagdalena.com

About me:

Aloha! I am Magdalena – practitioner and teacher of Hawaiian lomi lomi massage in Iceland.

Through my massages, trainings, worhshops and online content, I want to inspire people to live more touchful life – that is, life in connection with yourself, others and the whole world. In health, integrity and with open heart.