Massage training

Love fully and die

lomi lomi

Beloved Human, are you ready? Are you ready to let go of everything that is standing between you and Love? Are you ready to release your stories and to find out who you would be without them? Are you ready to meet YOU who is waiting on the other side of Love, when tensions are gone, when fear is gone, when you are seen in truth?


I have been practicing holding space for people for over 10 years. First time I met this expression was when studying psychology. When I started working as a psychologist in the Committee for the Protection of Children’s Rights, I had to put all this theory into practice – how to be physically, emotionally and mentally …

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Cultivate love! (hand massage for your loved one)

Give your loved one a hand massage today, if they are up for it. Ask them – would you like me to massage your hands?

You can use a drop of oil, or no oil at all. Take ther hand in your hands. Feel the temperature of the hand, the weight of it. Feel that you are holding the hand of a person that you LOVE, and let the love flow from your hands to theirs.