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What a day! I woke up at 5 am (recently I get very little sleep at night but wake up quite rested – anybody can relate?), did some morning yoga workout, made a soup and had a violin lesson. Plus, I edited and published a new episode of Touchful Podcast. It’s only 1 PM but I feel like this day has been going on for weeks!

In this newly published episode I am talking about death – metaphorical and literal.


Death in lomi lomi as a rite of passage, as the old stories and legends say. Would you take a step across the line drawn on sand by a kahuna, to meet yourself on the other side?

Death as the end of the old life as you know it and start of the new.

Death as the brave step into the Unknown.

Death that walks with Life hand in hand.

But, in this episode I am also talking about a very literal death of physical body, end of a journey in this human form, and the consequences of even thinking about it.

I am sharing some powerful practices and personal insights.

Are you ready to die?


I find the topic of death to be very inspiring and actually, very much contacting me with Life – touchful, meaningful life. But this episode comes with a trigger warning. If you are dealing with the topic of death right now in your life, please decide for yourself if you want to listen to it now or not – for your own care and wellbeing ❤️


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Thank you for you ❤️



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