Deep dive into self-kindness (my very personal story) | Touchful Podcast

did not have this episode of Touchful Podcast planned at all, but – life happened. Couple of days ago I experienced a very transformative and healing deep dive into self kindness. Well, dive is a gentle word. It was more like a push, or a kick, falling down head first… but landing in a good place 🙂

The experience itself felt very personal and intimate, and it was not my first thought to grab a microphone and tell you all about it.

But the next day, and day after that, and another day again, I got Client after Client coming to my lomi with the same topic – self kindness, compassion, gentleness for oneself. Or, rather, how sometimes we have it for everybody BUT ourselves.

So I decided to share this personal story in hope to inspire more kindness, compassion and love in your life.


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Thank you for you ❤️




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