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draping in lomi lomi

Draping is the way we, massage practitioners, position and manipulate massage sheet during the treatment. In other words: what parts of Client’s body are covered and uncovered, in what way and order. Different massage styles use different draping – from almost the whole body being covered all the time, to uncovering most of it. In …

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Intuition / Intuicja / Innsæi


It would be good if you learned lomi lomi nui  – I heard a voice in my head 5 years ago. It would be good.
Not – you have to.

Gratitude to the people

a cup of cacao

My cacaoholic heart is jumpin’ with joy today – I just got to try new cacao, from Ghana! Whenever I get new cacao, I always make it the simplest way – just cacao paste and water. This way I can feel the taste better. This cacao is mild and chocolatey, not very deep in taste …

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Now or never

You can be free now or never. I heard this sentence from one of my teachers and I remind myself many times a day: now or never. Because now is all that is. I can be alive now or never. Because I only have this moment, and the quality of this moment is the quality …

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Body neutrality

I bought myself a crop top and yes, it has a lot to do with massage. I haven’t worn a crop top for 20 years. All because when I was a teenager I decided that I was TOO FAT to ever wear a crop top. I was like millions of teenagers – struggling with accepting …

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I have been practicing holding space for people for over 10 years. First time I met this expression was when studying psychology. When I started working as a psychologist in the Committee for the Protection of Children’s Rights, I had to put all this theory into practice – how to be physically, emotionally and mentally …

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