Protein cacao (my after-workout shake)

If you’ve been following me for some time, you know one thing about me for sure: I LOVE pure, natural, ceremonial quality cacao. I drink it almost every day and I often serve it to my Clients before lomi lomi (simply choose this option when booking your lomi lomi session).

Recently I started working out every morning. It makes me feel healthier, stronger and happier, boosts my motivation and gives me energy. And when I entered the world of fitness, cardio and weights, I also entered the world of… protein shakes 🙂

Here’s how I boost my post-workout protein shake with cacao:

Protein cacao shake recipe

My basic shake is

  • two spoons of vegan protein powder (I like to use protein that is either chocolate or vanilla flavour – it goes well with cacao)
  • two spoons (around  15 g) of natural cacao, cut into small pieces (I use my all-time favorite Ceremonial Dalileo Cacao)
  • 200 ml cold water
  • 200 ml oat milk

I put everything into blender and mix until smooth (in my blender it is around 30-40 sec.)

And that’s it! But, I wouldn’t be ME if I didn’t add some extra stuff to my mix 🙂

Amp it up with extra stuff

One of my favorite things to add to cacao is mushroom powder – and I add it to my protein shake as well! Mushrooms are super healthy and they support your immune system, energy level, memory and other cognitive functions. I either use single mushroom powders or ready-made mixes. Mushrooms that I choose the most are chaga, lion’s mane, reishi or cordyceps. 

Right now I am testing a superfood mix from YourSuper, which is called Magic Mushroom and includes cacao, chaga and reishi, plus ashwaganda, lucuma and cinnamon (tip to all of you from Iceland: I bought it in Hagkaup :))

Another super healthy thing that goes well with my protein cacao shake is powdered algae, like spirulina or chlorella. Normally I have problems consuming algae because of its unpleasant, fish-like smell, but combined with cacao and chocolate protein, I don’t feel the algae at all.

Usually I don’t need any extra sweetness with my shake, but if I feel like it, I add half a banana.

And that’s it! Have I inspired you to try making protein cacao? I hope so! And if you, too, make protein shakes, let me know what you add to it 🙂


With love and sun,



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