18. What you know doesn’t matter | PODCAST

Aloha, Dear Human!

Today I come with a new episode of Touchful Podcast for you. It is all about knowing versus doing.

When it comes to health, wellbeing and self-care, we might know much, but if we don’t embody it… then all this knowledge is for nothing.

Think about it: we more-or-less KNOW how to be healthy, happy and at peace… But why we don’t FEEL IT even if we know? Well, because the BODY doesn’t care about theory – only about practice.

In this episode, I look into four areas of my life (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) and invite you to do the same. Together we look for all these little, everyday things that we can easily EMBODY TODAY to make a difference in how we live life.

I hope you will enjoy listening to this one. As always, it has been a pleasure to record it for you!

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