You are Bigger | 60 cm diameter | 77.000 isk

I am an Artist, and I see my Life as my most beautiful creation. I love to feel the world and turn it into Art in various forms.

Sometimes, the results are paintings, like this one. I started in in November, shortly after I had moved to Arnarstapi, and finished it just couple of days ago. The title of this one is “You are Bigger” and I created it as a reminder that I am bigger than circumstances, bigger than my doubts, bigger than my beliefs, bigger than fear, bigger than any emotion. And so are you. You are BIGGER.

This paining is available for sale for 77.000 isk. It’s 60 cm in diameter. I used acrylic paints, acrylic markers and gold leaf foil. Send me a message to if you would like to buy it.

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