4. My fears in biz & life | PODCAST

Aloha, Beautiful Human!

I recorded another episode of Touchful Podcast. And when I did, I sent it to my best friend, asking her: Hey, can you listen to this and let me know if it is not too… personal? Would it be okay to publish, would people listen to this?

After she listened, she replied: All I know is that you recorded a very intimate episode. You alone need to decide if you want to post this.

And you know what? I got scared. Afraid of what people would think, afraid of being criticized or judged, or laughed at because of this episode… which is EXACTLY what the episode is about!!! I recorded almost one hour talk about my fears and then I got paralyzed by one of them, oh, irony.

But I firmly believe that authenticity matters and real talks about fear and shame are needed. So, here’s one from me. As always, I’d be honored if you would listen to it. Click below and listen here, or find me on Spotify and Google Podcasts.


Touchful Podcast with Aloha Magdalena
Episode 4. My fears in biz & life

Fears thrive in the shadow. That’s why I want to talk about them! By putting our fears on the table, in full light, we have a chance to take a good look at them… and maybe to realize that they are not so scary?

In this episode I truthfully talk about things that I am afraid of in my biz and life, or things that bring up shame. Because talking about them brings freedom and empowerment.

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