Can lomi lomi massage “open your heart”? | Facebook LIVE with Aloha Magdalena

Can massage “open your heart”? Today I explain:

  •  what does it mean to live with open heart
  •  how can massage support this process on
    ? physical,
    ? emotional,
    ? mental and
    ? spiritual level
  •  what is one easy thing that you can do any time to feel more connected to your heart, to yourself and the world





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2 thoughts on “Can lomi lomi massage “open your heart”? | Facebook LIVE with Aloha Magdalena”

  1. Hi Magdalena,
    my name is Janis. Thank you so much for your video, I m totally agree with you. Also for me opening the heart means to get in contact with our true essence, our true nature.
    Many times we disconnect from ourselves also because the world itself malnourishes our true nature. We are exposed too much to electromagnetic pollution, most of the food is full of preservatives and poisons, many people work for many hours in “boxes” without seeing the sun almost all day long. All these elements contribute to disconnect us from who we are. We are not just bones and flash, we are fire, water, air, earth,so in order to find a fisical, spiritual,,emotional balance we need to ground ourselves in nature. My heart opens up when I lay on the grass on a sunny day, when I walk barefoot on a soft warm sand, when I swim in the sea, when I listen to the wind, when I walk in the forest, when I smell a flower. And when my hearts opens up I feel unconditional love for every living being. I feel compassion, I feel safe, I feel nourished, I feel at home.
    Feeling loved and love others is very important. Feel that we can make the difference in this world is very important.
    So this year I decided to love myself buying me a special birthday present: your massage 🙂 I really can t wait .See you the 15 of April.

    1. Aloha Janis! Wonderful and important observations, thank you so much for sharing from your heart. Yes, being in nature so much helps to be open, vulnerable and compassionate – because it reminds me that I am a part of all and all is a part of me – that is how I feel it.

      Looking forward to see you on 15th April!

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