Do you hear voices during massage? No worries, you are not crazy

April 2017. I am on my lomi lomi practitioner training with kumu Susan Floyd. Last day of the course is so called “temple day” where we give and get full 4-hand lomi lomi sessions. I receive as first and it turns out to be one of the most transformational moments of my life. I cry almost all the time when four hands massage me with love. I cry so much that I cannot breathe through my nose and my eyes are so swollen that I barely can see. But at the end of the massage comes peace like I never felt before. I rest in silence, in stillness and then I hear a voice speaking Polish, saying: how can you think that I wish ill upon you while I am only love?

It was the first time I felt what people often feel after lomi lomi – that the world holds you, takes care of you, that all is good and you are safe.

It’s not uncommon to “hear voices” during or after massage There’s a beautiful legend about lomi lomi, that it used to be a ritual for high chiefs. They were massaged for hours, for days until every tension in their bodies was gone. Then, when the physical touch ended, they would stay still and listen to the guidance of ancestors and gods. I love this legend because it shows how massage helps to gain balance, peace and inner guidance.

I hear voices during massage usually when the session was really transformational to me. Once I heard somebody whispering my name right into my ear, I even asked my friend after the session if it was her, but no.

My clients sometimes share their experiences of hearing voices or music, or seeing colors during massage. The most important thing is: this is nothing unusual and nothing to worry about. You are not crazy. There are many explanations of this phenomenon, from neurological theories to quantum physics to spiritual teachings. You can choose to use these experiences as guidance, or just enjoy, or you can ignore them.

And remember: if during massage you experience something that surprises or confuses you, something that you don’t understand or don’t know what to think about, you can always talk to your massage therapist about it. I did a whole livestream about things you should tell your massage therapist before, during and after the session.


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