Draping in lomi lomi | FAQ

draping in lomi lomi

Draping is the way we, massage practitioners, position and manipulate massage sheet during the treatment. In other words: what parts of Client’s body are covered and uncovered, in what way and order. Different massage styles use different draping – from almost the whole body being covered all the time, to uncovering most of it. In …

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Is this massage soft or strong?

Aloha! The other day somebody contacted me on Facebook asking about Hawaiian massage. When they found out that I am a woman, their answer was – I prefer men, I like strong massage. I smiled (ok, I giggled) and wished them to find a perfect massage therapist for their needs. But this article will not …

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Is it okay to hug your massage therapist?

On the one hand physical contact, hugging included, is basic need of every human being and is essential for survival and development. On the other hand, not everybody likes hugs, not everybody wants to be touched or hugged and we need to somehow navigate between human need for physical contact and human need for boundaries and private space.