kr. 17.000

Traditional Hawaiian barefoot back walking massage that deeply aligns the body, releases pain, restores and relaxes.

  • I use one or two feet to walk on client’s body
  • Session is performed on the floor and no oil is used
  • Client is asked to wear comfortable clothes
  • Therapeutic joints rotations and stretches are also applied

Duration: around 1,5 hours, depending on your needs

please read the description below for recommendations and contraindications

This massage is a perfect choice if you:

✔️ have chronic upper or lower back pain
✔️ have mild scoliosis
✔️ enjoy a lot of pressure during the massage and seem never to get enough pressure
✔️ look for a very relaxing and at the same time deep massage
✔️ hope for improving your posture and range of movement
✔️ need a treatment for tight, painful muscles


❌ pregnancy
❌ breast implants within last year
❌ skin infections, ulcerations
❌ recent Lasik or eye surgery
❌ hemophilia,clients on blood thinning medications
❌ kidney disorder
❌ severe osteoporosis
❌ uncontrolled high blood pressure, diabetes
❌ recent injury including broken bones


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