5-day individual training in lomi lomi – Hawaiian massage

kr. 310.000

  • for total beginners as well as experienced massage therapists
  • practice-oriented: you start massaging from day 1
  • you receive certificate of completion after the training
  • private training: you get 100% of teacher’s help and focus
  • possibility of partial reimbursement from Icelandic Unions

Would you like to transform your life, and lives of others through therapeutic lomi lomi massage?

In 5 days of intensive, individual training you will learn basics of Hawaiian lomi lomi massage and start giving massages right away!

Lomi lomi is called by many “the most beautiful massage on Earth” or “more than just a massage”.

It is a nurturing, therapeutic touch that helps to release physical pain, balances emotions, brings peace, transformation and connection. This ancient healing art has been passed on through generations in Hawaii and eventually made its way to Europe.

For people who receive it, lomi lomi often becomes a powerful tool for healing the body, mind and spirit; and for people who practice lomi lomi, this massage may become a turning point – like it became for me.

Is this a massage training for me? – you might ask yourself

The course I offer is for people who are interested in starting or deepening their massage practice and bringing therapeutic lomi lomi to their clients and community.

It is also for those who do not wish to become massage therapist, but want to connect to their healing abilities and share this massage with their loved ones, family and friends.

Therapeutic lomi lomi is FOR YOU if you want to:

  • learn in practice: by observation, immersion and hands-on experience
  • learn massage that is holistic, efficient and respectful
  • get inspired by Hawaiian stories, traditions, chants and the spirit of Aloha
  • have better understanding of yourself, your intuition and inner feeling
  • connect to your body, think less and feel more
  • get a new perspective on touch and massage as a way of life

During 5 days of intensive training you will learn:

the lomi backstroke, compressions, deep joint rotations, long strokes, under-body movements, arm and legs techniques, head and face massage, abdominal massage.


  • what oils to use for massage, what massage table to choose,
  • how to prepare and hold space, how to open and close the session,
  • how to assess the client and gather information before the massage,
  • how to take care of your own body and energy level during and after the massage.


Elements of hula (Hawaiian dance), meditations, breathwork, elements of Hawaiian history, mythology and philosophy – all this will help you understand Hawaiian healing better.



Daily self-care practices and tool for developing your massage skills and relationship with your body. Self-massage will help you understand your body better, release your tensions and prepare you for massaging others.

Training fee

5 days – 310.000 ISK

  •  Training takes place in my massage studio in Mosfellsbær, Iceland.
  •  This is an individual training – we choose dates that suit us both.
  •  Students from abroad are welcome! I have special offer for you – lomi lomi training, accommodation and travelling around Iceland. Contact me for price & details.

Send me a message to register for this private training.

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