I have been practicing holding space for people for over 10 years. First time I met this expression was when studying psychology.

When I started working as a psychologist in the Committee for the Protection of Children’s Rights, I had to put all this theory into practice – how to be physically, emotionally and mentally present and supportive. Sometimes it was really hard, but I learned a ton.

Then I studied non-violent communication for two years. I learned how to communicate my needs and listen to others without judgment, and how to take care of my boundaries.

When I created Women’s Circle in Iceland, I already felt pretty advanced in space holding. I held the Circle for three years, almost every month. My biggest lesson was how to be present with other people’s tears or intense emotional reactions without the need to “do something”. Just be, listen and hold space.

With all these experiences, with my strong need to create meaningful connections, I knew one thing when I started my massage practice:

I don’t want to just massage

I want to give people a healing experience to remember, a safe space for the stories carried in their bodies. A time when they can be vulnerable, emotional, fragile, soft.

If you feel that this is yours approach to massage, too, then high five! You are, or you want to become, a space holder.

I have created a masterclass how to hold space for your Clients in massage. How to be present and supportive on every stage of massage, from the moment your Client walks through the door, to the moment they leave, and even later.

I truly, truly hope that all the teachings that I am sharing will help you in your journey of becoming a powerful and aligned space holder, supporter, caretaker, therapist.

And if you would like to listen to me talking more about space holding, there is this podcast episode.

I love you,

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