Breathwork for bodyworkers, lomi lomi practitioners, massage therapists, healers | MASTERCLASS + BONUSES


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In this masterclass I will help you understand how you can use your breath consciously – in a way that supports both you and your Clients during massage / bodywork sessions.

During this masterclass you will:

  • rediscover your breath and see it from a new perspective – as an integral part of your sessions and tool for healing
  • learn how to use your breath in a conscious way depending on what results you need (different breathing patterns = different effects)
  • understand why your breathing (and not only your Client’s!) makes such a difference and why it really helps
  • learn how breath is understood and used in Hawaiian healing

I will share with you my own experience of using breathwork in massage and together we will practice different ways of breathing that help to release tensions, give more energy, deepen the relaxation.

Duration: 1h 49 min



Videotalk “How to educate your Clients about breathwork”

Video training “Piko piko breath”

Downloadable PDF presentation “Breathwork for Bodyworkers”

Out of stock