How to massage each other? Private training for couples


Register for one day private training in Mosfellsbær with Aloha Magdalena and learn how to give effective massages to your partner, parents, children, friends.

  • 5 hours of private, practical massage training
  • Easy techniques  to start using right away
  • Without any preparation or prior experience
  • Without massage table!
  • With full support of experienced massage therapist



Stiff neck, tight shoulders, pain in upper and lower back, blocked hips, sore muscles, chronic stress and tensions, headaches, problems with sleep or simple need of touch, closeness and connection – I believe that YOU can help your family and friends by giving them a good massage.

I‘m Magdalena, first massage therapist and teacher of Hawaiian massage in Iceland. After 4 years of massaging and teaching next generation of therapists I know that massage is our NATURAL ABILITY to help each other.

I believe that everybody CAN massage, because touch is our intuitive language. And I want to teach everybody. I want to teach YOU how to give effective, relaxing and healing massages to your family and friends.

I invite two of you you for a ONE DAY INDIVIDUAL TRAINING where you will learn how to massage your family and friends:

without massage table

without any preparation or prior experience. All you need are literally your two hands, your open heart and your willingness to learn. You can be an absolute beginner in massage. And if you already have massage experience, I will be happy to take you further on that journey!

using techniques based on Hawaiian lomi lomi massage – known as „the most beautiful massage on Earth“. In my massage practice I use the wisdom of Hawaiian healing and all the techniques I teach, are from this type of massage. Hawaiian lomi lomi is full of long strokes, satisfying muscle compressions, joint rotations. This therapeutic massage is gentle yet strong, deep but not painful. It gives pain relief, brings connection and harmony.


Individual trainings are my favorite way of teaching.

This training is for two people (couples / 2 friends). It means I will be working exclusively two-on-one with YOU.

You will have my full attention and support, plenty of time to practice all massage techniques, ask questions, get feedback etc. We will discuss what exactly you want to learn – all this to make sure that you will get EXACTLY what you need from that training.

Depending on your needs, I can teach you:

Massage without oil. How to intuitively apply pressure, give deep satisfying stretches, joints rotations and other techniques that do not require oil and can be done on a fully dressed person anywhere, anytime.

Massage with oil. How to intuitively use deep relaxing strokes, how to massage with your hands and forearms from light and gentle touch to deep massage. You will learn massaging the neck, upper and lower back, abdomen, head, hands, feet.

• How to give massages intuitively, so they are not only effective and healing, but also FUN to give.

• How to use massage to build trust and connection between partners, friends, family members.

After the training you will be able to give real massages to your family and friends RIGHT AWAY.

This training takes place in my massage studio in Mosfellsbær.

Your investment is 50.000 isk for 5-hour private training.


You will get:

5 hours of only PRACTICAL training

Experienced massage therapist and teacher

Individual approach

Easy massage techniques that you can start using RIGHT AWAY.


This is the best part! Because this is a PRIVATE TRAINING, you choose a day that works best for two of you.

Would you like to learn how to massage your partner, children, parents, friends?

You can book your training online HERE