5-day individual training in lomi lomi (Hawaiian massage)

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  • for total beginners as well as experienced massage therapists
  • practice-oriented: you start massaging from day 1
  • you receive certificate of completion after the training
  • one-on-one training: you get 100% of teacher’s help and focus
  • possibility of partial reimbursement from Icelandic Unions

247.000 – 297.000 isk

please read below for the detailed description of the training


Would you like to transform your life, and lives of others through Hawaiian lomi lomi massage?

In 5 days of intensive, individual training you will learn basics of Hawaiian lomi lomi massage and start giving massages right away!

Lomi lomi is called by many “the most beautiful massage on Earth” or “more than just a massage”.

It is a very beautiful, therapeutic touch that helps to release physical pain, blockages and tensions, balances emotions, brings peace, transformation and connection. This ancient healing art has been passed on through generations in Hawaii and eventually made its way to Europe.

For people who receive it, lomi lomi often becomes a powerful tool for healing the body, mind and spirit; and for people who practice lomi lomi, this massage may become a turning point – like it became for me.

My name is Magdalena and I am the first massage therapist and teacher of Hawaiian lomi lomi in Iceland.

I’m Polish, living in Iceland for 5 years now. My massage journey started in 2016 and since then I have been sharing my passion for Hawaiian massage with people in Iceland and abroad. I study with kumu Susan Pa’iniu Floyd from Big Island and kumu Jeana Iwalani Naluai from Maui.

I would be honored to be your teacher.

Is this a massage training for me?
– you might ask yourself

The course I offer is for people who are interested in starting or deepening their massage practice and bringing lomi lomi and Hawaiian healing to their clients and community.

It is also for those who do not wish to become massage therapist, but want to connect to their healing abilities and share this massage with their loved ones, family and friends.

Lomi lomi and Hawaiian healing is FOR YOU if you want to:

  • learn in a Hawaiian way: by observation, immersion and hands-on practice
  • learn massage that is holistic, beautiful, efficient and respectful
  • get inspired by Hawaiian stories, traditions, chants and the spirit of Aloha
  • have better understanding of yourself, listen to your intuition and inner feeling
    connect to your body, think less and feel more
  • get a new perspective on touch and massage as a way of life

During 5 days of intensive training you will learn:


massage techniques, compressions, joint rotations, strokes, under-body movements

everything needed for giving a massage session:

  • how to assess the client and gather information before the massage,
  • what oils to use for massage, what massage table to choose,
  • how to prepare and hold space, how to open and close the session,
  • how to take care of your own body and energy level during and after the massage.



Hawaiian chants and hula (Hawaiian dance), meditations, breathwork, elements of Hawaiian history, mythology and philosophy – all this will help you understand Hawaiian healing better.



This is a daily self-care practice and tool for developing your massage skills and relationship with your body. Self-massage will help you understand your body better, release your tensions and prepare you for massaging others.


5 days – 297.000 ISK
for 2 people – 247.000 ISK each

Accommodation, food and transportation from and to the airport are NOT included in the price.
However, there is a possibility of accommodation in my studio. I can as well help you with you transport from Keflavik International Airport, if you are coming from abroad.

🌺 Training takes place in my massage studio in Mosfellsbær, Iceland.

🌺 This is an individual training so we choose dates that suit us both.

Are you interested in learning ancient Hawaiian healing art?
Send me a message and we will start your enrollment process. 

2 reviews for 5-day individual training in lomi lomi (Hawaiian massage)

  1. Áslaug Emma Magnússon

    My lomi lomi training with Magdalena was the best gift to myself that I ever have received. It took me not long to decide that I wanted to do the training with her, as I knew how special lomi lomi massage is. I had received several massages from Magdalena before and I have had most beautiful experiences with it. Since I am able to massage others I got to know the side of the massage giver which is is a deeply transforming experience. I have given massages to numerous friends and family members, and with each one it was different – but always amazing. After each massage I feel elevated and nourished – grateful for the gift of being able to give relaxing pleasure and healing touch.
    The training days where well structured and the lectures easy to comprehend. I was both learning in a group and individually, both has helped me to learn quickly and with joy. Magdalena is a very good teacher, with a genuine and warm approach towards her students. I had a lot of fun while learning with her, while the training itself felt like a healing transformation. I am so thankful for all the beauty and wisdom she is sharing. And I am grateful for the gift of lomi lomi. It feels to me like I could do it for a lifetime!!!

  2. Agata

    I had an honor to be Magdalena’s first ever student. And it happened at the time when she didn’t even know she was a teacher yet. And boy, what an amazing teacher she was! Having recieved many massages from her, with no doubt the best massages I have ever got in my life (and I’ve got many) when the calling came to me I knew that I want to learn from her. I only wanted to do an informal learning, I asked very humbly if she could share some of her knowledge with me, not really counting on having it happen. But Magdalena has offered a full course which gave me tools to perform beautiful, full on Lomi Lomi Nui work. I couln’t be more greatful for it, first of all Lomi Lomi Nui being a magical practice and than having someone so good and natural at what she’s doing was more I could ever ask for. Magdalena was born to massage and her sharing her skill with the world is a true blessing. Thank you for everything!

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