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Aloha Magdalena -
Lomi Lomi Therapy in Iceland

Aloha! I am Magdalena – psychologist by degree, massage therapist by calling, certified practitioner and teacher of Hawaiian lomi lomi massage in Iceland.

To book a session or a private training with me in Arnarstapi, please contact me directly by phone 784 1422 or email hello@alohamagdalena.com 
I come to Reykjavík every month to offer sessions. I send private booking link through my newsletter. If you are already my Client and want to book a session in Reykjavík, please contact me directly by phone, Messenger or email. 

More than just a massage

"The most beautiful massage on earth", "loving hands massage", "healing touch" - these are just a few names of Hawaiian lomi lomi, therapeutic massage which I practice and teach.

Lomi is a Hawaiian word for "massage". This respectful, holistic bodywork has been traditionally practiced in Hawaii for centuries to remove physical pain, balance emotions, calm the mind and uplift the spirit. It helps for sore muscles, chronic tensions, injuries, stress, insomnia, tiredness, anxiety, depression, trauma and more.

For receivers, lomi can become a powerful tool for healing the body, mind and spirit. For practitioners, this work is a way of life in the Aloha Spirit - like it is for me.  

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Aloha Magdalena - Lomi lomi in Iceland
Arnarstapi and Reykjavík


+354 784 1422