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NEW OFFER: lomi lomi bodywork (without oil)

Aloha, Beautiful Human!

I often get asked: do you do other massages than lomi? And my answer is always: no. I am a practitioner and teacher of Hawaiian lomi lomi massage. I never thought of learning other massage modalities, simply because to me, lomi lomi is versatile enough. Remember that lomi is not one style of massage – there are hundreds of styles, many lineages, different traditions and approaches to lomi.

For years, I have been offering three types of lomi lomi sessions. Traditional lomi lomi nui massage with oil, made on a heated massage table, with a Client undressed to their comfort level. Kua lua lomi lomi, also known as back walking, performed on a floor, with a Client wearing comfortable clothes. And lomi lomi hapai, or preganancy lomi lomi – massage with oil for pregnant women and new moms.

Now, I would like to introduce new massage in my offer: lomi lomi bodywork (without oil).


Who is this massage for?

  • for people who don’t enjoy massage with oil
  • for people who, for various reasons, don’t want to undress for a massage
  • for those who enjoy a lot of pressure, stretches, deep work on muscles and joints
  • for those who look for deep relaxation, increased mobility in the joints, greater range of movement, body alignment
  • for people experiencing back pains, stiffness, tight muscles, overall feeling of tiredness and soreness
  • for those who tried and loved my lomi lomi with oil, and would like to try something new
  • for those who tried and loved my kua lua (back walking) and would like to try something new


What can you expect during the session?

  • session is performed on a heated massage bench
  • Client is asked to wear comfortable clothes (without buttons, zippers, thick seams)
  • back and front of the body is massaged using various techniques (compressions, joint rotations, deep stretches)
  • the session is around 100-120 minutes and costs 18.000 isk

If you are interested in trying lomi lomi bodywork, you can book it HERE.

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