New (longer!) opening hours


I know one thing for sure about me. I can’t do things in theory – I need to test them in practice. Do you know those people who can run their ideas in their minds, or on a piece of paper, and they know if it works, and only then they implement it? I am not one of them ? I need to try, then I know. Yes, I try based on some predictions and expectations that either later work in practice or not. Like, when I moved to the house in the middle of nowhere and a 10-year long theoretical dream of mine got verified in practice (so now I know what I like and hate about this idea). Or, when I quit my nine-to-five job at the beginning of 2020 to do massages and teaching full time: I had some theoretical expectations that very quickly got verified in practice (I’m talking about you, covid!).

In my business, I often give myself a trial period to test a new idea. This was the case with sliding scale payments, for example. I was not sure how it would work and how I would like it – so I tested it for 2 months. Turned out I like it a lot and it works for me (for now), so sliding scale stays for now and everybody who books lomi lomi massage with me can pay between 15.000 and 25.000 isk for the session – depending on their feeling and financial situation.

Now I want to test different opening hours of my studio. For quite a long time I was operating between 11-19 (with the last massage session starting at 17, sometimes at 17:30). I know that there are some people who would like earlier sessions – to start the day in a good lomi mood. Similarly, there are Clients who prefer sessions as late as possible so they can just go to bed and rest after the massage.

I want to see how this will work for me – and my Clients – in practice, so in August my lomi lomi studio will be open as follows:

Wednesday 9 – 18

Thursday 9 – 18

Friday 9 – 18

Saturday 9 – 16

I hope this is good news for you and I look forward to seeing you in my studio!

Bookings >>> www.alohamagdalena.as.me

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